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About Us

Past Horizon was established to provide easy to understand information about astronomy gear that will help you see into objects deep into space and by default objects on land! We have a passion for astronomy and have trawled through the internet over the years looking for some straightforward information on telescopes, binoculars, accessories, and astrophotography, and while so websites have informed us quite well, a LOT is very technical and not always easy to understand for the beginner, backyard astronomer.

We write for every reader

That isn’t to say however that our site is aimed at beginners, we firmly believe that by building a compelling space where enthusiasts can look at many different pieces of the latest astronomy equipment available, it creates something for users at all abilities and we are sure you will pick up some useful tips along the way.

Astronomy is what makes us tick!

As you will see when you read through our site, we always have our finger on the pulse. We are continuously looking for new and exciting equipment to look into the sky, as geeky as it is, that is what makes us tick, and we think, and we aim to translate that in such a way that you, the reader gets that buzz too!

We really love the universe and hope that by sharing our knowledge and passion will give you the opportunity to see some fantastic sights.

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