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Best Binoculars for Hunting Planets – Get Familiar with the Night Sky

I often look outside and see a great night sky but sometimes setting up a telescope can take some time, that’s why it is good to have one of the best binoculars for hunting planets.

You really need to make sure they are suitable for astronomy as you may be quickly disappointed. I have a pair my Mom gave to me that she used for bird watching and when I try to look at the night sky, I get a reasonable image of the moon but that is about it.

It is widely accepted that the best way to get used to astronomy is by starting out with a pair of binoculars, but that in its own right can be a bit of a mind field. This post will provide an overview of key points to consider when choosing binoculars and will be followed by our top ten best binoculars for hunting planets.

What are binoculars for hunting planets?

Binoculars are used for a number of different experiences. If you want to use binoculars for bird watching and casual nature observing then you may be alright with compact binoculars with a specification of 12x25.

However, if you actually wanted to use binoculars for hunting on land you would want to go for something with a lower magnification but with a larger lens, so an 8x42 specification

would be ideal.

The reasons for this are as follows:

The image is much more stable and small hand movements do not have as much of an impact.

The provide a wide field of view making it easier to look for targets

They provide a brighter image which is ideal if hunting in dawn or dusk

But this post is about hunting planets, so what might you need for that?

Minimum specifications of binoculars for planet hunting

There are many different binoculars on the market for the purpose of planet hunting and you can select both compact and larger ones depending on your preference. I suppose a big factor for the decision you make is how mobile you want to be.

Before we go into detail about specifications, these are the sort of things I consider when choosing binoculars for amateur astronomy.

Can be used for other outdoor activities such as sports

Small but at the same time powerful



Nitrogen purged

I don’t want images to be distorted.

I want all of this for a reasonable price

if I can get some with ISB (image stabilized binoculars) that is a bonus!

Surely, I can get all of this for under 300 dollars, right?

As an absolute minimum I would look at a 7x40 specification but for the best binoculars for hunting planets I would rather push the spec a little higher and go for 10x50 which is a real sweet spot for hunting planets. Furthermore, you can get some decent binoculars at this level without the need for a tripod.

What are you likely to see with binoculars when hunting planets?

This is the exciting bit. Depending on which binoculars you decide to go for, you can see some excellent pieces of the universe. The list is only a small fraction of what you might be able to see but I hope this gives you a flavour at what is possible with the best binoculars for hunting planets.

The moon


Titan, Saturn’s moon


The four moons surrounding Jupiter


The Milky Way

Beyond the Milky Way

Plus, much more!

I hope you can see from the list above that it is well worth investing in a decent pair of binoculars to help you find planets. This will help you get used to the night sky before taking the leap to buy a telescope. If you already have a telescope, having a great pair of binoculars will no doubt compliment your experience even further.

To help you navigate the sky you might also find it useful getting an app or sky chart to help you identify the objects you want to see. For now, take a look at our table below which scores our top ten best binoculars for hunting planets. This is then followed by a review of our favourite three.

NameUsed forSpecificationMagnificationWeightPrice
Olympus Trooper 10x50 BinocularAstronomical viewing, birding, hunting10x5010x855g$
Celestron 71374 Granite Prism BinocularAstronomical Viewing, Bird Watching, Sporting Events, Wildlife and Nature Viewing, Travel and Outdoors, Hunting
Helios Fieldmaster 10x50 BinocularsAstronomical Viewing, Birding10x5010x825g
Celestron Outland 10x50 Binocular 159272Birding, Hiking, Sports, Astronomical Viewing10x5010x768g$
Orion Resolux 10x50 Waterproof Astronomy BinocularsBirding, Hiking, Sports, Astronomical Viewing10x5010x3.4lbs$$
Nikon Action EX 10x50 CF BinocularAstronomical Viewing, Birding, Hunting10x5010x1020g$
Orion UltraView 10x50 Wide-Angle BinocularsAstronomical Viewing, Birding10x5010x910g$
Celestron 71009 SkyMaster 15 x 70 BinocularAstronomical Viewing, Birding15x7015x1361g$
Pentax SP 10x50 WP BinocularsAstronomical Viewing, Birding, Hunting10x5010x1060g$
Olympus 10X50 DPS BinocularsAstronomical Viewing, Birding, Sports10x5010855g$

Celestron 71374 Granite Prism Binocular- 4.5 stars

Celestron Granite Prism Series represent the true nature of what binoculars should be. Among them, the Celestron 7134 Granite Prism Binocular is a one-of-a-kind binocular with very spectacular features. It features a solid exterior, top-tier magnifying glass, and an overall stylish case that makes you want to carry it around everywhere you go. The extra low dispersion lenses deliver an up to 50 times magnification capability while balancing light wavelengths to give you a true-to-life image arguably unmatched by any other binocular.

The binocular has also proven quite useful in low-light situations. This makes it the ideal binocular for people looking to pick out dawn or dusk details that would be difficult to see with the naked eye. As a result of these top-notch features, this particular model ranks closely with high-end pricier binoculars at just a fraction of their price. If you are a bird watcher, hunter, sky gazer, or just a lover of the awes of nature, you will be getting real value for your money by getting this binocular.


The following are the features that make the Celestron 71374 Granite Prism a unique choice:

Sealed body

Like all quality binoculars, the exterior of the Celestron 71374 is totally sealed by purging in nitrogen. The interiors of the binocular can, therefore, not be reached by water, fog, or dust.

In addition, the exterior is also covered by a layer of smooth black rubber. The black rubber has shallow finger & thumb grooves on the underside adding to the ergonomic design for a firmer grip.

High-Quality ED Glass

The 7137 comes with the high-density ED glass, ideal for transmitting extra-low Dispersions. This provides for a wide range of image customization abilities. The user can perform simple performance enhancements hard to find with regular glass.

On the field, the image delivered is very sharp and bright. The field curvature and chromatic aberration on brightly lit objects are quite minimal.  This confirms that the glass and coatings are indeed legit and functional.

BaK4 prisms

To polish up the image delivered by the high-quality ED glass, the 71374 Granite also features BaK4 prisms multi-coated with high-reflective granite elements. This improves the quality of the image by regulating the contrast and light transmission. In addition, the interiors are also phase-coated for an even higher image quality unmatched by the regular binoculars.

Best quality at an affordable price

Already mentioned before, you get real value for your money by purchasing this product. This is because binoculars made with ED glass cost a lot in normal circumstances. The Celestron 71374 is, however, an exception because the product’s price is quite reasonable considering that it is also made with the precious ED glass.

Even better, the Celestron series are also available in several models which are 7X33, 9X33, 8 X42, 10X42, 10X50, and 12X50. These models go for different prices thus caring for a variety of budgets.

Great optical properties

The optical properties of top-level binoculars can be evaluated on the field by the turn of the focus knob. Although it is not an optical property by itself, the turn of the knob helps you to see the engineering capabilities of the binocular to respond in case you want to achieve even better focus.

Experts usually prefer a fairly quick response on this- anything on the order of 1.0-1.5 turns. All things considered, the Celestron 71374 does quite well. It is highly responsive to achieve very sharp focus by just the touch of the knob.

Unmatched body compactness

The 71374 is one of the most compact binoculars in the mainstream, both in terms of size and weight. This results in a lighter, smaller product than the other binoculars in the same category. In addition, the glass and diameter barrels are well-matched to limit any unnecessary additions to a compact design.

A wider interpupillary range

The interpupillary range is defined as the distance between the optical axes of a binocular system. The Celestron ED 71374 has a significantly wider interpupillary range to allow room for the large objective lenses. This, however, doesn’t disadvantage people with narrower or smaller faces because the binoculars come with a spiral twist mechanism discussed below.

General ergonomics

Quite impressive, one of the eye-caps can adjust with the help of a flexible spiral-twist mechanism. Basically, it has two positions which are full-in and full-out but you can also precisely work a way out along the middle.

Focusing diopter

Diopters are the twisting rings usually installed on all top-notch binoculars. For the Celestron 71374, it is located right below the ocular lens on the right. When you invert the binocular, you will see a vertical line that matches up with a triangular marking on the exterior to mark the eye position of the user.

It has + and – signs to guide you on the direction of adjustment. 

As a downside with this binocular, there are no denotations or sound-clicks for directions away from the balance position. You can, however, guess your way through with the oval markings on the ring.


  • Compact design making it ideal for carrying around
  • Good price for an ED glass series
  • Ideal for people with narrow faces


  • A little weighty as a result of the extra glass (range of 30 ounces)
  • The focus knob is a little stiff out of the box. It, however, becomes easier to turn after some time.
  • A basic diopter without enough detail

What you can expect to see

People are always reluctant to buy a binocular because they aren’t sure of the kind of image that they are going to get. With the Celestron 71374 Granite Prism, it is not all about zooming. You will see a range of luminous natural colors free from aberration and distortion!

Celestron Outland 10x50 Binocular 159272- 4 stars

The Celestron Outland 10x59 Binocular 159272 is yet another example of the sterling quality characteristic of the Celestron brand. These binoculars come loaded with the most advanced tech needed for field use. Important to mention, the product is offered at a budget-friendly price ideal for all birders, hikers, travelers, sports fans and any other outdoor enthusiast.

Here are some of the features of the Celestron Outland 10X50 Binocular 159272:

  • 10X magnification
  • Comes with BaK4 prisms
  • 50mm objective lens
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Twist-up eye caps

Distinctive features of the Celestron Outland 10X50 

State of the art optics 

This model uses the top-rated BaK4 prisms used in most high-ranking Celestron releases. In addition, the prisms are multi-coated to bump up the resolution and contrast capabilities. All these optic mechanisms work hand in hand to provide optimum light throughout the optical path to deliver a detailed, high-resolution image rare to find with ordinary binoculars.

Long distance viewing capabilities

The engineering optics in the Celestron 159272 deliver a hard-to-believe 10X magnification ability. This works magnificently for long distance viewers by bringing every little detail closer for the rarest viewing pleasures.

Perfect for low-light conditions

With this binocular, you do not need to worry about losing focus when viewing under low light conditions. This is because the zooming feature works in synch with the aperture’s top-notch 50 mm light-gathering mechanism to make dawn or dusk viewing quite a thrilling adventure.

Enhanced exterior

The Celestron 159272 comes with a limited time warranty. Most people that have used it, however, seem to agree on one fact, the warranty is quite useless because the binoculars are simply indestructible!

That aside, binoculars are carried to the most extreme environments, unsafe for fragile things such as the lenses. Aware of this fact, Celestron equipped the Outland 10X50 binocular with a lightweight polycarbonate exterior capable of protecting the fragile interiors from damage. This ensures that the product remains good as new for a very long time. In addition, the shockproof rubber also provides a firm grip when the binocular is under use.

Also notable, the binoculars come with semi-attached caps for the lenses. This provides for additional protection for the lenses, especially when the binocular is not in use.


The Outland 10x50 is also nitrogen-purged to seal it off completely. This protects it from water, fog, dust, and any other environmental condition that might damage the internal components.

Portability and mounting capabilities

The Celestron 159272 10X50 compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal binocular for carrying around. In addition, the design also makes the model tripod adaptable making it just the binocular for you if you like taking down some notes during observation.

Handy installments for comfort and eye relief

This binocular features twist-up eyecaps that provide for different eye positions. Users can adjust the eyecaps for a customized field of view of up to 14mm, which is quite efficient for people who wear glasses.

Also quite efficient, the adjustable eye caps provide a good amount of resistance meaning that you won’t lose your focus when you choose to adjust them while you are viewing.

There are two focusing wheels along the right adjustable eye caps. Although the calibration is quite about right, these help you to make any adjustments for sharper detail. 

The design of the roof prisms also makes these binoculars compact, agile, and comfortable to the hands. 

Efficient aural clicks

Celestron is among the manufacturers who have learned how to take criticism and use it to improve their consequent releases. Unlike any other of the previous models, the Celestron 159272 features an aural click upon reaching any setting. This is quite efficient because most binoculars settings are made when you are still concentrating on your view.

The best value for your money

The features of the Celestron 159272 make it rank closely with some of the most high-priced binoculars in the mainstream. The model, however, goes for quite a reasonable price not to mention that it comes with a lens cloth, strap, and a protective carrier bag.


  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price for good quality
  • Water, fog, and dust proof


  • The rotating eyecaps are a bit rigid straight from the box. They might, however, loosen up with time.
  • Narrow interpupillary range. The interpupillary range is the distance provided for by the binocular in between the eyes. The narrow interpupillary range of this binocular might not be ideal for people with wide faces. 


If you are looking for an affordable binocular with some of the most advanced features such as the BaK4 glass, this is just the ideal product for you. In addition, the Celestron Outland 10X50 binocular 159272 produces good colors that strike a good balance between saturation, contrast, and the actual reality.  

Orion Resolux 10x50 Waterproof Astronomy Binoculars: 5 stars

When talking about binoculars that deliver great value for an affordable price, it is extremely hard to leave out the Orion Resolux 10x50 Waterproof Astronomy Binoculars. The rugged binoculars are quite a unique choice mostly because of their flawless ability to use inbuilt optic mechanics to balance contrast and resolution for a high-quality image unmatched by ordinary binoculars.

They are the ideal binocular for a birder, hiker, stadium sports enthusiast, stargazer, and any other environmental enthusiast. Some of the features of these binoculars include:

  • 10X magnification
  • 6.5 degrees angular field of view
  • 341..3ft or 100yd linear field of view
  • Weight: 3.4lbs
  • Height: 7.2 in.
  • 65 degrees apparent field of view
  • 35ft near focus
  • Interpupillary range: 57-74mm
  • All-around rugged design
  • Nitrogen purged for an ultimate sealing
  • 50mm objective lenses
  • BaK4 prisms with quality multi-coating

Distinctive features of the Orion Resolux 10X50

Here are some of the most intriguing features of the Orion Resolux 10X50 Astronomy Binoculars:

Fully sealed

Like most high-caliber binoculars, the Orion Resolux 10X50 is nitrogen-purged. This makes the binoculars waterproof which prevents the lenses from fogging, which is extremely useful when working in humid conditions.

The binoculars also come with semi-attached removable lens caps. This helps protect the lenses when the binoculars are not in use.

A wide field of view

The Orion Resolux 10X50 features a wide field of view (15mm). This is ideal for people with either narrow or wide interpupillary range (distance between the eyes). The distance between the lenses also provides a good holding distance with both arms during observation. 

BaK4 Prisms

A novice might not understand why the BaK4 prisms are a big deal. BaK4 prisms are basically the most advanced lens technologies only found in high-ranking, military grade precision binoculars. In addition, the BaK4 prisms in the Orion Resolux 450 are multi-coated to ensure that the optics utilize every little glimpse of light for a spotless image.

Low-light viewing

The Orion Resolux 10X50 binoculars make dusk and dawn viewing adventures quite thrilling. This is because they come with efficient 50mm objective lenses that provide a wide bright view across a 6.5-degree field, ideal for low-light conditions.

Tough exterior

The mettle exterior is further protected by a thick rubber housing which ensures minimal interference with the internal components. This rubber is also rugged on the surface to provide for a comfortable grip when the binoculars are in use. For further protection, just in case of an accident, the binoculars also come with a neck strap and a protective carrier bag.

Individual eyepiece focus (mechanical design)

Each lens is individually manufactured to ensure that each eyepiece works separately for a studier image, hard to find with the center mechanism binoculars.

Eye relief and general comfort

Featuring an individual lens focus, this model provides for an up to 18mm eye relief. This is quite ideal for those people who wear glasses.

Quite unique, this model also comes with a heavy-duty tripod adapter. This is quite efficient because it allows for an uninterrupted setting for sharpening the image even more.

Corrects chromatic aberration to a huge extent

Most binoculars are affected by chromatic aberration making it totally impossible to view stars or any bright objects. The aberration is, however, just right with the Orion Resolux 10X50 because it is still possible to pick out stars and other brightly colored objects in high detail. 


Included with the binocular is everything you need for a thrilling astronomy experience. From the comfort of your backyard or wherever you roam, you can use the tripod adapter, neck strap, soft carrier, mini LED flashlight, and the Starry Night edition to familiarize yourself with the surroundings.


  • The all-around ruggedness provides for a good grip
  •  Comes with a heavy-duty tripod adapter
  • Reasonable price
  • Light
  • Ideal for a newbie


  • Does not come with twist-up eye caps for additional eye relief
  • Limited diopter adjustment capabilities

Orion Resolux 10x50 uses

This model is ideally tested for viewing the stars at night. The 50mm objective lenses are polished several times by the manufacturer to ensure that the deep night view of the Milky Way pinpoints every little detail in high contrast. Also suited for this purpose, the binoculars come with a star manual to help you identify constellations and stars through the night.

Because it is made for low-light conditions, the results in light conditions are spotless. It, therefore, fits daytime purpose such as bird viewing.


The Orion Resolux 10x50 Waterproof Astronomy Binoculars have a flawless ability to combine flat-field optics, high-resolution, and high-contrast with mechanical construction to meet the needs of any long-distance viewer. The ruggedness and advanced JTII collimation, without a doubt, meets military spec making it definitely ideal for a classy, low budget spender. In a few words, the Onion Resolux 10X50 Waterproof Astronomy Binoculars are an amazing gift and easily our best binoculars for hunting planets!













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